Hi Andrew,
Just wanted to say thanks so much for the absolutely outstanding hunting trip last week that Samuel and I had with you. I’m 51 and have wanted to go on a deer hunt for many years but have been worried about all the lead flying around in the main hunting areas in the North Island!! The fact you have access to a big private area where no one else is shooting was the clincher, especially for my wife. The whole package is fantastic mate, from the safety and familiarity lesson with the rifle up at the gun range, (Man that’s a loud gun!!!) to the brilliant accommodation you’ve got at your place (The Bach!!! Pretty flash bach) then the pre dawn start the next day and the coffee at the Turangi bakery on the way through to the hunting block was a great way to start the hunting day.

The excitement levels really started to build as we began to drive into the bush area and once we parked it was good you calmed us down with another safety lesson and a really clear description of how we would actually go about the hunt. The hunt was awesome from spooking one in the first 10 minutes, to seeing all that sign in the bush and then, after creeping through the bush like a commando for a while, we finally caught up with them. Luckily there are quite a few deer here as Samuel missing his first shot didn’t matter in the end, as he nailed his first deer about 30 minutes later (the poor guy’s heart was beating at about 200 and his hands shaking like a leaf). The wait for mine was awesome, hiding behind that tree stump, and when I was just starting to think there were no deer in the bush across the valley we were spying on, holy crap they showed themselves!!! ALL TEN OF THEM!!!.  The slide/stumble/run down the hill when they weren’t looking was a real adrenaline buzz and the final scramble up to the ridge to take the shot is something I’ll never forget. Man…. we now had plenty of venison to take back to the family, yeehah. Thank god you drove us back mate as we were knackered, mainly from so much adrenaline in our bodies, although you couldn’t shut us up eh?

The other important part of the package is you being able to hang the deer overnight at your place, while your lovely wife cooked us an awesome dinner (venison casserole to keep with the theme) a great feed and only 2 beers and we slept the sleep of the dead!
Then next morning, skinning the deer, taking them to the butcher and working out what cuts we wanted was the completion of an outstanding package mate.

10 out of 10 Andrew, and the only thing I would change would be to get my own sniper rifle so I could knock over one of those spooky little fallow deer from 500 metres!!
We will definitely be back. If any prospective hunters want to talk to me that’s all good 021953819.


Cheers Vern and Samuel Hines





      I have completed 2 overnight hunting trips with Andrew. Let's face it, a successful hunt is what it's all about .... But you might as well do it with a good bastard too.

I was pretty impressed with my first hunt so decided to blood my 10 year old son under Andrews guidance with this seasons roar.
Andrew took the time to teach an enthusiastic young fulla about the bush, making him be up front to plan the stalk and putting him in a great position to take his shot. The rest is forever embedded in a 10 year olds memory with an awesome Fallow stag to be proud of.


Anyone can go hunting. But if you want the whole package of the experience, great company and a succesful result make some memories with NZ HUNTING GUIDE.


Jamie Keehan




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