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Image by Jamie Street




We choose to practice fair chase and free-range hunting. This means we use ethical, sportsman-like practices whilst hunting our target species and that the animals we hunt are non-farmed wild animals, free to roam the country. 

New Zealand's most common deer species, red deer were introduced to New Zealand more than 150 years ago. Found in most places throughout the country red deer offer hunters great opportunity and at times multiple chances of achieving a trophy of a lifetime. Antlers are impressive to say the least and are sometimes compared with elk as they share similar characteristics.  A roaring stag is one noise which you will remember for a lifetime, especially when hunting close quarters. When a stag roars it is spine chilling, toe curling and lion-like which is sure to make you nervous. The roar runs from mid March until early May. Red stag hunts are available from February until August. Our method of hunting is listen, spot, stalk!!



These cunning European deer are smart and fast, making for a challenging hunting. Fallow deer were introduced to NZ in 1864. Like the red deer they originated from Europe. They flourish on both the North and South Islands. Fallow deer rutt a little later than reds and become very vocal in April to May. The buck or stag will move around a lot during the rutt but frequent his rutting pad often which can be the edge the hunter needs to be successful - sometimes a little is a lot. The distinctive palmed antlers of the fallow buck are the main point of difference between deer species.


Wild sheep are one of my favourite trophy animals in NZ and look fantastic in any hunters quarry. Don't be fooled by thinking that they are only sheep and they will be easy to hunt as I can tell you they are one of my most challenging animals to guide customers onto. Rumour has it that Captain Cook introduced these animals to NZ in 1773. Arapawa sheep are light boned and long legged which make for a very active sheep which can live in some of the toughest country in NZ. These guys offer a valuable trophy to our properties and I am always only too happy to show clients these impressive beasts.


Wild pigs are found all over NZ and are considered pests especially by farmers. Captain Cook liberated pigs in NZ in 1773, they have developed the name Captain Cookers and are a handful to hunt with dogs. Hunting is best in evenings, night or early mornings as this will be when they travel to feed. A good boar will make an impressive trophy especially with a decent set of tusks hanging out of its jaw. Best hunting is usually done with dogs but you maybe lucky to catch one grazing in the open on change of light. Pig hunting dogs can be arranged by us on request.


New Zealand is a mecca for introduced species giving the keen outdoorsman plenty of opportunity for a successful hunt. Many of them cause havoc to our native flora and fauna so find themselves in the firing line. Many hunters love a rabbit or hare stew or the thrill of heading out in the night to spot light a possum from a tree. Possums are a big drawcard for our overseas visitors as they rarely get the chance to see one of these critters. Possum fur is lovely, soft and warm and many animals are skinned to make patchwork rugs and full body mounts. If this interests you please let us know and we can arrange an outing while you are on the property hunting with us.

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