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Meet Your Guide


My name is Andrew Christmas and I'm lucky enough to share with you one of my greatest passions, hunting in New Zealand.

For the past ten years I have had the privilege to own and operate one of the North Islands most successful trout guiding businesses based in Lake Taupo, It is with great enthusiasm that we can now offer fair chase guided hunting for big game animals such as red deer, fallow deer, pigs, wild rams and goats. This in conjunction with Trout Hunting NZ means we can offer our clients something very unique for the keen outdoors person while in New Zealand.

I was brought up living a simple but rich in experiences life on a small farm in New Zealand. Like many young kiwi boys I remember catching eels, going trout fishing, rabbit hunting, pig hunting and deer stalking with my father like it was yesterday. Somehow all the hours of fencing, moving stock, feeding animals on cold frosty mornings, I have managed to forget. Little did I know the friendship and skills I was picking up along the way would be the foundations of which my future and my family's future would be based around. The relationship formed through the outdoors between me and my father and mother nature will be one which is never broken. I was taught about sustainable hunting and fishing, selecting the right animal for a mature trophy, productive meat hunting and having a high regard for the environment around us. I would like to think those qualities passed to me as a young outdoorsman - from my father, nature and my elders - are ones in which I am teaching and passing onto my clients and my own children. 

I am grateful for every day spent on the hill hunting whether it be with friends, by myself or working with clients as I know some would give their right arm to swap opportunities with me. I hope that my enthusiasm, knowledge, desire to get results are passed onto my clients. I'm hoping my guiding helps build relationships similar to those that I have made along the way but also helps construct good, honest, safe, ethical hunters throughout New Zealand. I still live on a farm just out of Taupo in the central North Island with my wife and kids where we raise cattle, pigs and a few sheep so life has done a full circle for me.


If you are looking for a professional, true, unfiltered kiwi experience in stunning scenery with a good bloke, please take the time to give me a ring or an email to arrange a trip you won't forget.

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